Coparenting at Christmas: What your children really want

Christmas and birthdays are the most important days in a child’s calendar. When you are little, a rotation around the sun takes ‘like’ FOREVER! Just ask any 5-year-old. You’re a parent. I’m sure this isn’t news to you. Many families have an agreement for alternating years with each parent for Christmas Day. For those who have families […]

Post Separation Friendships – the path to achieving the unthinkable

Post-separation friendships are becoming more common. All too frequently though, they are met with disbelief or a level of scepticism – ‘this would never work for me’. Maybe it wouldn’t but it likely could have. Perhaps the most dominant myth is that if you could be friends after separation, you could have stayed together. The reality, however, […]

The struggle of parallel parenting

The struggle of parallel parenting is real! Parallel parenting is the term given to a style of parenting that is adopted by some parents, most frequently when there is a high level of conflict and a low level of communication. What it means in practical terms is that each of you will parent differently. VERY differently. […]