Parenting Coordination

After Court Care for Families in Dispute

Conflict is present at the time of relationship breakdown and often continues to escalate during the separation and divorce period. When families turn to the court process, the extended nature of family disputes can mean this conflict can become deeply entrenched and difficult to overcome.

Eventually, when agreements are reached or orders are made, it can still be a long road ahead to minimise conflict. Frequently, there are new conflicts that arise as a result of orders or agreements.

What now? How can I co-parent after everything that’s happened? I can’t even talk to them”

Exhausted by endless frustrations and with a lack of previously available interventions, many parents have returned to court and recommenced litigation.

Parenting Coordination is a professional service that offers a safe, collaborative and child-focused environment to support parents in adhering to orders and agreements.

A parenting coordinator can help you with

  • Ongoing coaching and education in post-separation communication. 
  • Conflict resolution, anger management, and self-regulation. 
  • Meeting the requirements of court Orders or consent agreements. 
  • Mediating ongoing disagreements and facilitating improved capacity for reaching agreements on minor disputes yourselves. 
  • Promote healthy relationships between children and both parents. 
  • Prevent re-litigation due to contraventions. 

Parenting Coordinators are appointed as part of interim or final Orders. Please speak to your lawyer or contact us for more information. 

Information for family lawyers can be found here