Parenting After Separation Course

The parenting after separation course has been written in a way that is parent-friendly, and child-focused. It’s not about teaching you how to be parents. It’s about helping you to keep the children in mind as you navigate important decision making in your post-separation relationship. 

This course has been widely used by Australian parents. The certificate is accepted by your lawyer, ICL and your co-parent if necessary. In fact, over 30% of our students are directly recommended by family lawyers. 

Our parents are a mix of both mum’s and dad’s, all of whom want the best for their children. Sometimes it can be hard for parents to let go of the conflict and be child focused. When they enter the family law system, things naturally escalate. This is hard on everyone, especially the children. 

Throughout the course there is a mix of video and written content that is engaging and delivered in a friendly, non judgemental manner. You will be required to answer a short quiz at the end of every lesson, and to write a small module summary at the end of each of the five modules. 

Your certificate of completion is automatic, once you have passed the graded section of the course. You can then forward that to your lawyer, coparent, mediator or the ICL. 

The Parenting After Separation Course has helped parents in conflict understand their contributions and how they may be impacting the children. Your children will be positively impacted when there is the least amount of conflict. As one recent student said 

“Taking and completing this parenting-after separation has changed the future for my children. It’s put the focus and light back onto my children and I am forever grateful. Thank you.”