About Coparenting and Tuning Into Kids (3:10)

Welcome to the Tuning Into Kids Course, presented by Parenting After Separation.

Tuning Into Kids is an evidence-based course. “It teaches parents and carers skills in emotion coaching, a way of responding to emotions that can help children to understand, regulate and work through their emotions so that they manage their behaviour and respond in socially appropriate ways. In particular, the program teaches parents to notice children’s emotions, especially before emotions have become overwhelming for the child. Parents and carers are encouraged to accept, validate and empathise with their child’s emotions, help reflect upon or name the emotions being experienced, and if necessary, assist the child to work through the emotion and problem solve.”

We, at Parenting After Separation, wanted to make this valuable course available to assist separated parents to help their children through the difficult emotions associated with parental separation and divorce.

Watch this short video now to learn about Tuning Into Kids and Coparenting.

This course is presented online with weekly self-paced learning lessons presented by myself, Jasmin Newman, and a weekly live lesson presented by PAS Counsellor, Debby Wilson.

You must complete all components of this six-week course, including attending live lessons, in order to be presented with your certificate of completion.

The self-paced learning component means you can study at your own pace during the week. This work must be completed prior to the live lesson. There is a combination of short, digestible videos and some reading homework, such as handouts to download.

You then must be available at 7pm (AEDT or 6pm Brisbane time) Wednesday evenings in order to attend the group live lessons via zoom for approximately one hour per week.

Your course material will be available to you from Friday 29th September 2023. Your first live lesson will be Wednesday 4th October 2023