Family Mediation

Mediation is an intermediary step which helps you minimise disputes and navigate a win-win for both parents. In family matters it must always be kept top of mind that the silent third party is your children.

A registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner can help you come to important and difficult agreements, only they do so outside of the court and with much less expense.

Your mediator can assist with

  • Property Settlement
  • Parenting Arrangements
  • Spousal Maintenance
  • Other Financial Settlements
  • Private Child Support Agreements

During mediation everything you say to the mediator which is not said in front of the other remains confidential and can only be disclosed to the other parent with your prior consent. During the mediation you will each be given time to speak, one at a time and respond to the other party without interruption. The mediator will alternate between you so you will each be given equal time.

The mediation process will include

  • Initial information and reading material
  • Intake Interview (usually 2 hours)
  • Mediation (usually 4-6 hours)
  • Formalising the agreement

Your mediator is highly trained in family disputes work in a confidential, impartial way that is free from judgement. We respect that every family is unique. Neither party will feel pressured, bullied or coerced. 

In successful mediation the mediator will help you write up a plan and formalise your agreement. Part of that agreement is dedicated to what to do if the mediated terms are not being met. Usually this is detailed in communication strategies, or you may choose to utilise mediation again in the future to keep you on track.

Having realistic expectations of the mediation process will help you reach an agreement faster and with less stress.

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