Family Mediation

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Family Dispute Resolution

Reaching resolutions in a timely, cost-efficient, child-centered manner.

Mediation is an intermediary step which helps you minimise disputes with the aim of creating a win-win for both parents. In family matters it must always be kept top of mind that the silent third party is your children.

At Parenting After Separation, we are committed to helping you resolve parenting disputes out of court, whenever that is possible. 

A registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner can help you come to important and difficult agreements, only they do so outside of the court and with much less expense.

We can assist with

  • Parenting Arrangements
  • Spousal Maintenance
  • Property and Financial Settlements
  • Private Child Support Agreements
  • Section 60i Certificate if an agreement is not possible.

During mediation, everything you say to the mediator which is not said in front of the other parent remains confidential and can only be disclosed to the other parent with your prior consent. During the mediation, you will each be given time to speak, one at a time, and respond to the other party without interruption. The mediator will alternate between you so you will each be given equal time.

Parenting Matters


Focusing on the problems that ended your relationship only leads to blame, entrenched conflict, and often litigation. It is costly in both legal expenses and emotions expended.

Being solution-focused, and not problem-focused means having the capacity to separate the issues that ended the relationship and focus on building your future life. For children, this means they witness both parents being able to put their differences aside, showing them they are loved and valued.


It is every parent’s wish that their children have the best childhood possible. The Family Law Act states that decisions should be made ‘in the best interests of the child’, but this can mean different things to each parent. Taking a child-centered approach means being able to come to agreements with the children’s needs at the heart of those decisions.

We work with parents to consider what their children’s experience of this significant time in their lives will be and to contemplate how they will remember it. Wherever possible, children need to feel supported, loved, safe, and cared for by both their parents. A positive experience of this time will provide a greater opportunity for them to adapt to the new family dynamic of sharing time with each of you.

Our Process

Your mediator is highly trained in family disputes and works in a confidential, impartial way that is free from judgment. We respect that every family is unique. Neither party will feel pressured, bullied, or coerced into making a decision. 


We meet with each parent individually in a confidential manner. During this session, we assess the suitability for mediation, as well as any other preparation required.


Coaching-based sessions are advised for parents who have significant differences in desired outcomes. Having realistic expectations of the mediation process will help you reach an agreement faster and with less stress. These sessions are optional and by agreement only.


We dedicate a day to facilitate the mediation of agenda items raised. Most frequently, this involves the two of you together, but may also have private sessions with the mediator.


We formalise your agreement by preparing a parenting plan and the terms of the agreement reached.

Darren McLelland
Darren McLelland
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While some of us choose to be in this position, many of us don't. Regardless of which you are, we are in fact 'here'. We have to get through this unfortunate circumstance to be there for our kids in whatever capacity the end result allows. The best way is to get support; friends, family, colleagues and of course as is the case with Parenting After Separation, professional assistance. I accessed Jasmin's services as a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner - knowing she is an expert in the field. I wanted the very best help so that I know I have done everything I can to learn about what is the best outcome for the children. For the same reason, I've also accessed other professional assistance such as legal practitioners and counselors. If we can do these things, we should; it's so important to give this whole [usually unfortunate] circumstance our best efforts. The fact is, it relates to our children's lives, their futures, how they will grow up and function as adults. Use everything, everyone and anything you can that will assist you to actively participate in a healthy way to achieve the best outcomes for those children. It's the least we can do for them; they did not choose this reality.
Tomas Ludot
Tomas Ludot
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I will highly recommend Jasmin as a co-parenting coach. There is no need to go through co-parenting stress, confusing and difficulties alone. Having an expert in conflict resolution and family mediation with you to help navigate communications challenges and co-parenting initiatives is for me a must. This ensure I grow and stay solution focus and get called out when I do get carried away negatively. Jasmin operates from a heart centered place but yet assertive and understanding of complex parenting dynamics, an appropriate balance in these matters.

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