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The Parenting Orders Program

A Parenting Orders Program is to assist parents with entrenched conflict to learn new skills to improve their family law outcomes and have a healthier co-parenting relationship. The program is most suited to parents who have interim or final family court orders but who have been unable to move on from the conflict, or have contraventions arising from not adhering to family court orders.

What's Involved?

1. Intake Process with Background to Your Individual Circumstances

2. Online Education Courses

3. Counselling Session

4. Referral pathway / Case management (where necessary)


We want to get to know you so we can best help you through this difficult time. The intake process gives us an opportunity to learn about you, the nature of your co-parenting conflict, your parenting styles, and of course to help you consider your children's experiences.


Included in your enrolment is access to both the Parenting After Separation Course (PAS), and the Breaking the Cycle of Conflict courses. The PAS course addresses the basics of what is in the best interests of children. The conflict course assists you with advanced learnings on conflict management.


Every parent receives a confidential hour-long counselling session included in their POP program. This helps to give you clarity, direction and to process your personal experience. At the end of your session, we may make referrals or recommendations based on your individual needs.

Phone: 1300 919 019


Parenting Orders Program (POP.)


Suitable for parents court ordered to attend a POP program

Cost includes:

Parenting After Separation and
Breaking the Cycle of Conflict Course.
Private counseling session.
Lifetime co-parenting assistance.

our courses can be purchased separately

If you don’t need a POP course but are looking for other education on co-parenting, you might like to consider one of our other courses.

Parenting After Separation and Breaking the Cycle of Conflict are included in your POP course purchase.

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