Breaking the Cycle of Conflict Course

Breaking The Cycle of Conflict is an advanced course in co-parenting to help you find more peaceful resolutions to parenting disputes. 

We understand that sometimes, despite best intentions, conflict can continue after separation. This can lead to continuing frustrations and ongoing co-parenting issues. This course will help you with improved strategies to minimise conflict and to cope with it when it’s present, even when you’re doing your best.

Some conflict is natural and normal in our lives, however when it becomes persistent, this can be very draining for those impacted by it, and for those responsible for it. 

We don’t have control over other people’s contributions, but we do have control over our responses to it. The Breaking The Cycle Of Conflict course teaches you strategies to avoid  engaging in conflict, and how to protect yourself through boundaries in communication and face to face interactions when conflict is present and persistent. These are not skills we generally learn through our everyday encounters. 

Sometimes the ongoing tension from high conflict relationships leads us to less than ideal responses. The course helps you to recognise those, and teaches you how to write better responses while still being confident to ask for what you want, without matters escalating. 

Breaking The Cycle of Conflict can be taken as a stand-alone course, or as an add on after the parenting after separation course, even if you’ve attended PAS elsewhere.