Anger Management Course

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While anger is a normal human emotion experienced by everyone, some people develop unhealthy levels of anger and express anger in a way that is intimidating or threatening to other people. 

The PAS Anger Management Course is about helping you understand anger, what triggers it, how it manifests, and of course very importantly, how to regulate it in ways that lead to more healthy and constructive responses. 

This course has been developed as part of a series of coparenting courses, so the presentation is specific to family separations and will be very relevant if you are in family court, or experiencing a difficult coparenting relationship. 

The course is made for both men and women who experience anger. And like all our courses, is self-paced learning which you can do at home. Where it differs from our other courses is that you are required to interact with your course teacher and they will provide feedback throughout your course progression. 

The course runs over three weeks and requires you to submit material for review at the end of each week in order to progress. You also have self-reflection tasks that are required to be submitted before you can continue. 

Like all our courses, if you have any issues, concerns, or questions, we are on hand to take your call and help you through. 

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