Have you been ordered to undertake a parenting after separation course? 

The essential guide to child-focused parenting after separation is now available online. 

Certified and accepted by the Family Court of Australia. This course is all you need to help you on your coparenting journey to remain child-focused and learn to parent together while living apart.

The Parenting After Separation Course

is now on ONLINE 

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This Course Will Help You To...

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    Australian family law expressly states that children have a right to a relationship with both parents. For some families this can be a difficult transition period. It is in your children's best interest that you facilitate a meaningful and substantial relationship with both their parents. 
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    The decisions you make now can have a life long impact on your children. It is vital to the children's wellbeing that you keep their needs as the priority in decision making. They love both of you and will adjust better when they live in homes which are free from conflict and adversity. 
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    We want to help you be the best for your children. The Parenting After Separation Course shows that it's possible to navigate this process to a cooperative conclusion. Your children benefit the most with calm, cooperative coparenting.  

Includes 5 Modules that will teach

the practical skills for cooperative shared parenting

1. The Family Law System

Duration: 2hrs

Understand the times when you need a lawyer, a mediator or when you can navigate this process without intervention. This section includes useful information and links on child support and property settlements. 

cooperative coparenting

2. Parents In Focus 

Duration: 2hrs

Learn the difference between conflicted and cooperative shared parenting and how to communicate through hostility and elicit calmer, more rational responses from yourself and your coparent. 

3. Children In Focus 

Duration: 2hrs

Do children need only stability or are they resilient and adaptive to change? This module sheds light on the children's experience of separation, what they say, what they may mean and what they need for optimum growth into the changing dynamic of their family structure. 

Equal shared parenting

4. Practical Coparenting

Duration: 2hrs

Which model of coparenting works best for you and your family and is in the best interests of your children? With practical, non judgmental advice, this module offers you 3 different frameworks for coparenting and the pros and cons of each. 

Parenting after separation

5. Personal Growth

Duration:2 hrs

Unique to the Parenting After Separation Course is a model of self development in which you start the process of growing into your new role as a person, parent and co-parent. When embraced and with a support and guidance along the way, this can be an exciting time for you as you learn to parent together, while living apart. 

Perfect for busy parents!

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