Parenting After Separation

We are here to help parents learn how to parent together while living apart. We provide a range of services including online courses, counselling, family mediation and parenting coordination.


We know you love your children, and that they love both of you. Parenting After Separation Courses is here to help parents learn how to parent together, while living apart.

Family Mediation

A registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner can help you come to important and difficult agreements, only they do so outside of the court and with much less expense.

Parenting Coordination

Parenting Coordination is a new professional service that offers a safe, collaborative and child-focused environment to support parents in adhering to orders and agreements.

About PAS

Separation is undoubtedly one of the most difficult times of your life. We understand that each of you loves your children and that it’s important for you and them, that they spend meaningful time with both of you. Disagreements over parenting or financial matters can cause a great deal of conflict which can be unhealthy for you, and for the children. 

Parenting After Separation is here to help parents learn how to parent together while living apart. Our focus is on you and your family. We understand that conflict in relationship breakdown is common, however we will take the time to help you recognise and minimise conflict, so that it doesn’t impact the children unnecessarily. 

We want the best for all Australian separating families so that children can grow up confidently, knowing they are loved and involved in both their parents lives. 

Choose your Course

The Parenting After Separation course is about helping you to keep the children in mind as you navigate important decision making in your post-separation relationship. 

Breaking the Cycle of Conflict is an advanced course in coparenting to help you find more peaceful resolutions to parenting disputes through minimising opportunities for conflict. 

The Anger Management course is about helping you understand anger, what triggers it, how it manifests and of course very importantly, how to regulate it in ways that are more healthy and constructive.

This program is suitable for parents who have been court ordered to do a Parenting Orders Program (POP). The POP program involves a mix of online education a private consultation, as well as ongoing case management where required.

 Tuning into Kids is a court recognised six week parenting program that assists parents to raise emotionally intelligent and resilient children. Highly regarded by the FCFCOA, this course is beneficial for all parents wishing to improve their relationship with their children.  


Watch this video from the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia.