Separation is undoubtedly one of the most difficult times of your life. We understand that each of you loves your children and that it's important for you and them, that they spend meaningful time with both of you. 

Disagreements over parenting or financial matters can cause a great deal of conflict which can be unhealthy for you, and for the children. 

Parenting After Separation is here to help parents learn how to parent together while living apart. Our focus is on you and your family. We understand that conflict in relationship breakdown is common, however we will take the time to help you recognise and minimise conflict, so that it doesn't impact the children unnecessarily. 

We want the best for all Australian separating families and so that children can grow up confidently, knowing they are loved and involved in both their parents lives. 



The parenting after separation course has been written in a way that is parent friendly, and child focused. It's not about teaching you how to be parents, it's about helping keep the children in mind in your parenting after separation decisions. 

The Parenting After Separation Course has been widely used by Australian parents. The certificate is accepted by your lawyer, ICL and your co-parent if necessary. In fact, over 30% of our students are recommended by family lawyers. 


Breaking the cycle of conflict is an advanced course in co-parenting to help you find more peaceful resolutions to parenting disputes.

We understand that sometimes, despite best intentions, conflict can continue after separation. This can lead to continuing frustrations and ongoing co-parenting issues. 

This course will help you with improved strategies to minimise conflict, and to cope with it when it's present, even when you're doing your best. 

Court Readiness and Pre Mediation Coaching Available

Many parents are unprepared for facing the challenges of the legal process, particularly preparation for court, or to have the best chance of coming to suitable agreements in mediation. 

Prior preparation is essential but sometimes stress, fears and the insecurity around such important decisions can get in the way. 

In these individually tailored sessions you will learn how to prepare for your family matter. Be that court, meeting with lawyers, mediation or drafting parenting agreements. 

David's Story

David's parents separated when he was 13 years old. He was in his first year of high school. David had heard his parents fighting a lot and had sometimes become quite frightened when he was younger. Over the years, he had got used to it and began to put his headphones on until it was over. They often argued about money but sometimes he heard them argue about him, and who he would live with.

After the separation he thought things would get better and the fighting would stop. Sadly for David, it only got worse. He felt like he was to blame as the arguments seemed to be more about him than anything else. David became anxious and began to worry about adult matters that he was not in control of. He started having trouble sleeping and became uninterested in school and sports, which he had always previously loved. 

The Problem:

When children are exposed to arguments between their parents, they often report feeling like they are the cause. This makes them feel responsible for things that in reality, they have no control over. Children from separated families where there is high conflict tend to have adverse outcomes later in life. 

The Solution:

Separation is a stressful time for children too. Being child-focused means protecting them from parental conflict. There are many options for parents  including family counselling, mediation, and post separation courses to help you keep the kids in focus as you make decisions that will affect their future.  

Course Testimonials 

Quite honestly the most comprehensive and eye opening course I have had the pleasure of completing. The self reflection and hard hitting points really helped navigate my perception and re-affirm that this is truly about the children and letting go of misconceptions about the other parent. Comprised of varying outlooks and situations with real feedback from children of separated parents really made me re-evaluate the pressures of our situation. It feels liberating to know there is hope and I now feel better equipped to tackle the more difficult conversations with the my children's father.


An excellent well laid out course. Good mix of written content, Videos, and many external links to keep me reading and learning for quite a while. My kids and I are embarking on a very long and exhausting journey, but with the aid of courses like this, and the extra (and necessary) tools it helped me locate, I think it is invaluable.


It was a good course to complete with a lot of great knowledge - it opens your eyes to different points of view and is easy to get around and complete. You get out what you want to put into the course - You can rush it just for the completion or take it seriously and get a lot form it.


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